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Emme's Enforcer
Book 4

I tried to hide from the truth and that didn’t work.
I tried to run from him, and that definitely didn’t work.
So what was next for me but to try and work off my punishment.
One that ended with me sacrificing my own heart the second his Lost Siren finally walked into his life. The one I found for him.
Hence this being my cue to leave. My cue to run and never look back.
That had been the plan and the promise he let me go.
A promise he quickly broke.
Because Kaiden Wrath was not the type of Enforcer to let go of what he wanted and what he wanted…was me.
The Author of his story.
But now, the biggest question of all remained,
Would our ending be the Happy Ever After my heart hoped for or was it doomed to be…

A Demon’s Tragedy.


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