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The Glass Dagger - another sneaky peak

Hi all, I really hope you all enjoyed the excerpt and illustration we shared last week. We are getting very excited about this book and the Chronicles stories to follow.

Caroline Fairbairn has allowed me to share yet another amazing illustration from the book, so I thought it was only fair that I shared another little snippet form the story too!!! Enjoy xx


Theo watched as he charged straight for him with his horned head down ready to cause maximum damage and he waited until the very last second to make his move. Just before the monster could hit him Theo made a grab for Zane and rolled them both sideways out of his way. Ivan the monster couldn’t stop himself in time and was about to go crashing into the stage area when Theo could hardly believe the next thing he saw. The shadowed man quickly jumped down from the balcony and whilst in mid-air a huge set of dark wings erupted from him, making him look like some dark angel falling from Heaven.

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