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********Important News****** Hello all my lovely Dravenites. As some of you might be aware in the last few days I have been some what stressed (to say the least) due to some technical difficulties. I won't go into detail as this could end up just being a mile long rant if I do so I will get straight to the heart breaking point. I am so utterly sorry and beyond gutted to say that the next book release date will be delayed until the 12th of Sept 2017. I cannot express the extent of my apology and hope each and every one of you will forgive me for having to do this. But I will not have this book released anything less than perfect for you guys as that is what you deserve. So I will please ask you all to wait an extra 12 days until it's release and I promise you, that you will all agree it will be worth it. Now I am off to hide behind my couch encase people throw things at me...rotting fruit is fine but please no Kindles, those buggers hurt ;) Love you all! Oh yes, and I should mention as way of apology, I have added the first chapter for you to read on Wattpad, you will find the link below. I know this doesn't make up for it but once again I am sorry for your disappointment. Oh and remember I love you all dearly wink wink xx

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