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Knights of Past - Transfusion Book 13

It's out now!!

Surprise, the long awaited book 13 of the Transfusion Saga is out now.

The dust of Battle has settled over the Land.

War cries of victory are Echoed throughout Hell.

And now I can get back to my life of Lego and Star Trek,

With one big difference,

I now have a King to share it with.

But it seems as if Fate had a different idea for me,

And any plans for peace are shattered with the strength of my dreams,

Nightmares of one last foe I must face.

For the Wraith Master still haunts me and the vow I made even more so.

Now I must choose to walk the path of peace,

or the path of a promise once made.

A promise that will lead me to a place unknown,

One not even Lucius can save me from.

Not when he is the enemy.

In this,

Knights of Past.

Happy reading x

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