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The Hells Ring

Afterlife Academy Book 2

From the realms of the Afterlife Saga comes a new spin on this Gothic world and continuing on from the Glass Dagger in the Afterlife Chronicles, This is, The Hell’s Ring....‘When Theo woke to find a beautiful woman at his bedside and not the Demonic sight he was expecting, he had to question what exactly had happened to him down in that Hellish prison? And what was it about the woman that made him feel so safe?

Once again, the teens were not only faced with a ton of unanswered questions after what had happened down in that cell of death, but on top of all that, they had classes to pass! But this wasn’t the only thing that faced this misfit bunch of teenagers, because they had new powers to control and inner demons to face, a blood oath to figure out, a mechanical bad ass named Gruen out for blood…and oh yeah, a Hell’s Ring to fight.Which meant that their first year at the Afterlife school was going to be interesting alright, in fact, it might just end up being…Hell on Earth!

This is a continuation of the Afterlife Saga, suitable for young adults but a must read for all Afterlife fans!

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