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Transfusion Book 11

I knew the moment my soul burned.
I knew the moment the Wraith of Fire had touched me.
And now…
Was it really so hard for the Heavens to produce some white light?
But no, not even just a warm glow at the end of some graffitied tunnel and as for Pearly Gates, well they wouldn’t be opening for me any time soon!
Because I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. And I could forget all my jokes about falling into Wonderland and Oz and seeing any of those fuzzy fellas from Narnia, because no amount of wishing that my life was a fairy tale would make it so.
Not when I was caught in this nightmare world. One where I was to be terrorised by its ruler for an eternity.
A tyrant King that wanted a new game to play.
One I had no chance of winning.

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