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Wrath's Siren
Book 3

Writing down your dreams…that sounded pretty harmless right?
Turned out, I was sort of good at it.
Turned out, it made a good book.
Because who knew you could make money from writing about the man of your dreams.
Who knew it would pay to fantasize about a fictional character you had fallen in love with.
But most of all, who knew that one day a set of doors would open, and you would find out that he wasn't fictional at all.
That he was real.
I had no idea writing could be so dangerous but then when you’re writing about a Demonic Overlord, an Enforcer named Kaiden Wrath, then anything was possible.
Like dreaming of him in trouble and knowing you’re the only one who knew how to save him. The only one who can save the Demon you are obsessed with.
Now all I had to do, was find him and then quickly save myself from…

A Demon’s Wrath.

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