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Imp And The Beast

Book 1

Hell. Just do your time, they said. It will be easy, they said. What's a hundred years sentenced to prison in Hell?

Well, I can tell you, for an Imp like me, it was a pretty long time.

Like most Imps, I am a mischievous sort, and that tends to annoy people, said people like the prison guards. Which meant that my time in Hell had just gotten a lot more complicated. I was about to receive the type of punishment no living soul had ever come back from. Not a single one had ever survived.

I was about to become a snack for the most dangerous beast in all of Hell. The only one that gave even the Devil nightmares.

Only I would soon find he didn’t intend to eat me at all. No, instead he decided - he was keeping me.

Other Books in the Series

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