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Of Stone

Quest Of Stone

Transfusion Series Book 14

When taking this journey into the past,
I never expected to find what I did.
It wasn’t only the time-period the Fates got wrong,
It was the husband I found there waiting for me.

A man of regal yet deadly grace,
And one that wanted to possess me.
To make me his in every way possible.
But that was going to be a problem,
Especially when I had a mission to complete....



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The HellBeast's

The HellBeast King Series Book 8

That’s all I needed to do.
For running was my only option left. But that was the problem when running from a HellBeast King, He liked the chase.
So, as I continue to navigate myself around his cruel world,
I find not only my life on the line but the Fate of all of those I hold dear.
Because Jared wants blood for blood.
He wants, a life for a life.
Only death is the last thing on his mind.
Which is why I know I can’t get caught.
Caught out in my lies.
Lies that would no longer keep me safe from,
Becoming the villain in a…
HellBeast’s Past

Other Books In The Series

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