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Ward's Siren

The Lost Siren Series
Book 1

I was just a data analyst. I paid my taxes on time.
I used to feed a cat that wasn’t my own and bake cookies for the office. I was a good girl. Then how was it my reward was to find myself penniless, broken down and stuck on the side of the road with everything I owned piled in the back, and all because I was being chased by the Mob? But then again, I must have had some luck left or he wouldn’t have stopped. My mystery hero. A man so handsome, he stole my breath and claimed it as his own, like the spoils of war. He asked me to get into his car, made me feel like he would take care of everything. He certainly looked more than capable. Both with his intimidating size and the way he sat in the back of his expensive car looking more like some Lord of the manor, just radiating power. But there was also something dangerous about him. Something dark and hidden, just under the surface. The way his heated gaze burned into me, as if he had the power to strip me bare and look deep into my soul so as he may judge its worth for himself. That was why I had said no. An answer I could tell he wasn’t used to receiving. But instead of anger, he simply grinned and told me that he had a feeling he would be seeing me again. That fate would intervene. And that when it did…
He would be claiming his Lost Siren.

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Eden's Enforcer

The Lost Siren Series
Book 2

Well, it seemed as my days as a data analyst were long behind me, It seemed feeding random people’s cats and baking cookies for work colleagues was too.
What wasn’t behind me however was getting snatched by the mob or finding myself tied to yet another chair.
But this time the mob had made a big mistake.
Because this time they were the scariest ones out there.
No, but I knew who was.
The one who had claimed me.
The one who wanted me back.
The one who was now out for blood.

A Siren’s Enforcer.


Wrath's Siren

The Lost Siren Series
Book 3

Turned out, it made a good book. Because who knew you could make money from writing about the man of your dreams?

Who knew it would pay to fantasize about a fictional character you had fallen in love with. But most of all, who knew that one day, a set of doors would open, and you would find out that he wasn't fictional at all...that he was real.

I had no idea writing could be so dangerous. But when you’re writing about a Demonic Overlord—an Enforcer named Kaiden Wrath—anything is possible.

I'm dreaming of him in trouble, knowing I'm the only one who knows how to save him—the only one who can save the Demon I am are obsessed with. All I have to do is find him, and then quickly save myself from a Demon’s Wrath.

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Emme's Enforcer

The Lost Siren Series
Book 4

I tried to hide from the truth and that didn’t work.

I tried to run from him and that definitely didn’t work.

What was next for me but to try and work off my punishment? One that ended with me sacrificing my own heart the second his Lost Siren finally walked into his life; the one I found for him.

I took this as my cue to leave. My cue to run and never look back. That had been the plan and he made a promise to let me go. A promise he quickly broke.

Kaiden Wrath was not the type of Enforcer to let go of what he wanted and what he wanted was me, the author of his story.

Now, the biggest question of all remained: would our ending be the happy ever after my heart hoped for or was it doomed to be a demon's tragedy?

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