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The Forbidden Chapters

***************BIG NEWS*********** Okay so after my teasing you all with the ideas of a CHAPTERS BOOK, The big news is I have already decided to release it to you lovely people on the....wait for it....

********************15th of JULY!!!!!*****************

That's right people, only 9 days to wait!

But let me explain a bit about what to expect. So the chapter book (Part 1) Is all the chapters that got cut for one reason or another from Books 1, 2 and 3. Now I have added a brief description at the beginning of each chapter explaining my reasons for cutting it, which you may or may not agree with me. I am just happy in the knowledge that they are finally seeing the light of day and I do wonder, like the rest of you might...How Afterlife might have gone, had some things happened the way they did after my cut chapters were written. Well I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it all those years ago and to wet your appetite, here is a little teaser from a alcohol fuelled night between RJ and Keira, before Keira and Draven ever got together...


“I hope that taxi comes soon, warm blood or not, it will be frozen by the time it gets here.” I joked which was when RJ decided now was a good time to inform me we were actually waiting for nothing. “What taxi?” I turned to face her and said, “What do you mean, the taxi that’s coming.” “Oh, you mean our cab that was stolen and never rebooked?” I turned back round to face the exit of trees that made a living tunnel to see that she was right, there was nothing…and nor would there be. “Bollocks!” I said making her giggle. “All right, we will just ring another, have you got your phone on you.” I asked and RJ’s eyes opened wide and said, “Good plan batman!” I smiled as she rummaged through her sugar skull bag, making a ‘Tada’ sound when she found it. “Oh…shit.” “What?” I asked as she dropped it back into her bag as though it was garbage, which it might well have been for all the good it would do us when she informed me, “It’s dead. Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have used my battery life taking all those pictures of the drummer.” “Never mind, we can use mine…what is it with you and drummers anyway?” I asked as I started going through my bag trying to find my own. “What’s the matter?” RJ asked as I started muttering. “I can’t find it.” I said resorting to bending on one knee and tipping the contents of my bag on the frozen ground. “Any luck.” “Shit!” I said instead of answering her. “I will take that as a refined no.” She said and I looked up at her and corrected, “You can change that to a ‘Hell no’ and then add an ‘we are screwed’!” Then I stuffed all my stuff back in my bag and said, “I must have left it on the bar or something, shit what are we going to do.” “Maybe someone is still in there?” RJ suggested, at least sobering enough to think clearly. “We can give it a try but I already saw the doormen leave and now thinking about it, I was sure Mike had left as well.” I said thinking back to the bar being all closed up just before the left their table…could he had left early too? Either way I needed to give it a try, so walked up to the door and hurt my cold hands by knocking them on the door. Unsurprisingly there was no answer. “Well shit outta luck with that one.” I said turning back to RJ. “If only we had a phone.” RJ said blowing into her cupped hands to try and keep them warm enough not to lose a finger to frostbite. Okay so it wasn’t that cold but it felt close enough to lose at least a toe or two. “It’s a shame they never gave you a key.” She said looking around as if a window might be open or something, which was a joke in this place but then something hit me. “Say that again.” I said as my first day came flooding back to me. “You mean about having a key.” “RJ you’re a genius!” I shouted and started walking the other way, knowing she would follow. “I am...? Well of course I am.” She said running a little to catch up with me. “So, what are we doing?” She asked as I walked around to the other side of the building. “Oh no, tell me we are not planning of spending the night in a dumpster right…cause you know how long it would take to get that stink out of my hair.” “Nope, not dumpster diving tonight honey, just plain old breaking and entering.” I said nodding to the door as soon as it became illuminated by the security light. “Oh, hell yeah!” She said near running up the steps. “So, what’s the code?” She asked rubbing her hands together as if getting ready to put in the code but needing first to get some feeling back into her fingertips first. “Ah, well this is the tricky part.” “You don’t know!?” RJ screeched. “Ssshh, someone might hear you.” I said feeling guilty just thinking about what we were about to do. Then she cocked a hip and placed her tapping fingers on it. “And that would be a bad thing because…?” She said and I wanted to smack myself. “Okay, good point.” I admitted it was a stupid comment considering that would have solved all our problems right now. “So, what now, we gonna climb the damn ivy next?” She asked and we both looked up to the VIP balcony slowly. “No.” “No.” We both agreed at the same time. “Let me give it a go.” I said trying to think back to that night when I had felt that strange guiding hand come over me. Mike had told me the number but if I could remember it now it would be a miracle, considering I hadn’t been able to only minutes after he first told me. But then I hovered my hand over it and let my mind go blank, as if trying to replay those few strange moments over and over again in my mind. “Oh, my God, you did it!” I heard RJ’s voice and opened my eyes to see she was right. The door was open…

We had broken into Afterlife.

We had broken into Afterlife.

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