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Upcoming Afterlife Books!!!!

Hi all

As promised following my recent live video on Facebook we have put together a list of all the books that I plan/intend/hope to release in the future. This list is in no particular order and there are no release dates for any of them!! Like I said on the video I could be writing this saga into my seventies,lol.

All the books apart from any in The Chronicles series will be aimed at adults.

Happy Ever Afterlife - Coming Very soon

The Kings of Afterlife - Vincent Sigurd Jared Seth

Lucius - His own 3 (at least!!) book series

The Beasts of Afterlife - Adam (and Pip) Leivic Orthrus Ragnar

The Afterlife Chronicles - Book 2 -this year This series will continue and will also feature/expand to include more books featuring Lucius and Transfusion Club/School and also Jared at Fight Club/school.

The Forbidden Chapters - Book/Part 2

Afterlife Book 1 told from Dravens point of view

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