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******** EXCITING NEWS ***********

**********EARLY EASTER PRESENT********** Okay so its that time again when I shock you all (Okay so those that have known me a while, then I guess not lol) But I have once again decided that some stories are just too big for one book (Also I can’t seem to stop writing about Draven 😉) But as I don’t want you waiting any longer, I have made the decision to split the book into two parts, with the first coming out…wait for it…

**********************On the 31st of March!****************

Yes, that’s right people, you heard me correctly (or is it read?) Anyway, its true, the first part is coming out with only one day to wait! And the even better news is that you won’t have long to wait for the second part either as it will be out at the end of April. So… HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I love you all and thank each of you for having such patience with me! You guys are my writing ROCK... because you all ROCK! xx

and just to get you even more excited.....

here is the new cover for ...

Happy Ever Afterlife Part 1

created by my very talented husband Blake Hudson And with it here is a little teaser for you all, to wet your appetite ready for this Saturday's release. I think Lucius fans with enjoy this one ;)


“Kazzy dear? What are you doing behind the door?” she asked sounding surprised and agitated. I looked back at Lucius and gave him a look that said what on earth was I going to tell her!? Then I gawked at him when his answer was given to me in the form of a rude sign made with his hands. I think my eyes bulged when he joined the tip of his forefinger to the tip of his thumb before using two of his fingers from his other hand to penetrate the hole he just made. I think he could most likely have seen my tonsils for how wide my mouth had dropped open. The simple sex enactment he made with his hands made me nearly forget our current predicament and shout, ‘What the Hell, are you effing crazy!’ Instead I simply went with a mouthed silent, “What the Fu…?” I was halfway into mouthing my swear word when my mother said my name again only this time using the big guns… “Catherine, Keiran Williams, I asked you a question!” I swear it was like she knew! Of course, Lucius’ bad ass smirk didn’t help, that was for damn sure and I felt like kicking him. The only saving grace in all this was that he was situated at my side, so my mother couldn’t see him but after that any other grace did a flying leap out the nearest damn window! “Um…mum, this is embarrassing but…” I couldn’t believe I was about to say what Lucius wanted me to say, which was why I was stalling, desperately trying to find others to replace them. “Umm…well you see I…we…uhhh…” “Keira, I saw you come in here and we all heard a shout… what are you…?” My mum started to say, obviously getting impatient herself and this was when Lucius had hit his human limit. This along with Draven deciding now was a good time to growl. But Lucius simply slashed out a hand, cutting through the air and using his powerful mind control to silence Draven swiftly. Then he pulled me back out of sight and clamped a hand over my mouth before using my voice as his own! Then the bastard spoke as me and a very large (Titanic iceberg sized) piece of me died of shame! “Unless you wish to see how I got pregnant in the first place I suggest staying on that side of the door… mum,” Lucius said adding the ‘mum’ bit, but in a really awkward way that sounded more like an afterthought. I couldn’t help but growl into his gloved hand feeling myself close to biting through the leather and tearing straight into the blood sucker!

Thanks for reading and hope you all like the cover! xxx

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