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Vincent's Immortal Curse

It is live !! Book 1 in the Kings of Afterlife series is now available to download from and

Being faced with an uncertain future is nothing new for Ari, not when you lived each day under the control of a demonic cult. But now Ari lives with a new enemy and one she can no longer run from…her past. But soon she will discover that even her past can cling to their future and hold it captive in the form of a curse. So, with a murderer lurking in the shadows of their past and an Angel on the hunt, a killer is not the only thing out there for Vincent to find. For many lives are at stake but only one of those has the power to break an immortal curse and now Ari must decide, will she run from it and chance giving up her future or will she run straight into The Arms of a cursed… Angel King. ‘If there is one thing the past has taught us, it is that we can be immortalised in

the things we create.’ Vincent Draven.

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