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The Vampire King is coming!!!

*****BIG NEWS********* **TRANSFUSION COVER ***** **********REVEAL****** RELEASE DATE 14TH OCTOBER! Okay guys, so this is what you have all been waiting for, the big cover reveal for book 1 of the new Transfusion Saga! I am thrilled to announce for those that don't yet know that this book will be released (early this time I swear) on the 14th of October! Thanks for all those comments guys! So here it is as promised... I give you, the lovely sexy bad ass himself.... LUCIUS

“You know what, screw you, Lucius! I don’t need this shit!” I barked at him before storming off to retrieve my purse from where I had left it at the start of the tour. I didn’t think it would matter too much as it wasn’t like there were many people wandering around in here as no one had set foot inside. However, I didn’t get far as a few seconds after a frustrated sound came from Lucius, I was suddenly gripped from behind and whipped back around to face him. I was about to protest as I was suddenly pushed up against the red granite statue of one of the lions I had been talking about earlier. Suddenly, I realized that I may have had the symbol for a relaxed king at my back, but the king I had in front of me now couldn’t have been further from the relaxed cat but was more of a snarling lion showing his teeth. “Word of warning, my little doll, it’s not wise to turn your back on a Vampire…ever.” The last part of this threat was backed up with a hiss through gritted teeth and a pair of fangs that were lengthening dangerously. “Yyy…you know, I am…am really getting tired of you threatening me,” I told him trying to keep my voice as steady as I could in the face of such a beast, but from the very first second it had started to waver, he seemed pleased and a cocky smirk appeared at the corner of his lips showcasing more of one deadly fang. “Then I suggest they start to sink in quickly before the use of another one is needed…now do I make myself clear?” he said in a stern tone that demanded my submission. I swallowed hard at the sheer depth of authority he held in his voice and the subtle action wasn’t lost on him. He homed in on my neck and watched me with a grin after seeing the visible effect he was having on me and well…the bastard looked like he enjoyed it. This then provoked me to respond. “Why do you enjoy playing with me?” I bravely asked in a barely heard whisper. At this, his grin deepened, and it was both pure evil and bad to the bone. Then he lowered his face and I froze, too frightened to even move for fear of what he was planning to do next. At first, I even thought that the impossible was going to happen and he was going to kiss me. But then he shifted his weight a little and ended up placing his lips against my cheek, speaking directly over the heated skin I could feel hot against his cooler lips… “Oh Sweetheart, I haven’t even started playing with you yet,”

Well there it is my lovelies, I hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget to comment below to let me know what you think of both the teaser and the front cover, I think you will all agree that Blake Hudson out did himself yet again! xx

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