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Time to go back to the beginning but this time through the eyes of a broody King!!!

Afterlife, just a place for an unhappy King to call home or soon to become a beacon of hope when a new waitress falls at his feet? The Gothic nightclub is about to welcome a new guest and this time it is one he can’t control. As for Dominic Draven, the King of all Supernatural life, handling just one little Mortal named Keira, should be no problem for him…right? Wrong! As she is his Chosen One and not meant to be ruled by a domineering, overbearing, arrogant boss who is determined to keep her at arm’s length. But instead, she is meant to achieve the impossible and crack the hard shell of an immortal King that is only now learning what it truly means to fall in love. This is the story of Afterlife, only from the eyes of its King. As you will finally follow Keira’s journey all over again, only through Dominic Draven’s point of view along with Keira’s, giving it a whole new and exciting twist on the start of this epic saga. This is book one, in the new King of Kings saga, Special Edition, with book two to follow shortly after.

Read it all from Dravens point of view in Dravens Afterlife. Book 1 of the King of Kings.

Or the Special Edition which also includes the original chapters from Keira's point of view if you want to read them together!!

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