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Just a little Xmas pressie... Or two!

I am so excited to let you all know that we have a little festive surprise your you all with, not one but 2 books out this week.

First up we have the next book in the Lost Siren series. Meet Ryker and Evie in Greed's Siren. The conclusion to their story will follow in the New Year.

The age-old story of hating my job was nothing new.

Many lived it. Many had experienced it.

So going into work that day just felt like any other dreaded day at the office.

That was until there was him.

A thief who stole more than gold that night.

A thief who stole my heart.

But I was about to learn how risky that truly was. Because Ryker Wyeth wasn’t just any thief.

He was dangerous one.

And now, after the chaos he unknowingly released upon my life that night, I was left with only one option…

To run.

To run from my crimes. To run from the lasting memory of his kiss.

However, there was one problem with that plan. Ryker Wyeth was Greedy for more.

And for this dangerous thief in the night…

He always got what he wanted.

And what he wanted now, was me.

Which meant not only running from the law, but now I was also running from…

A Demon’s Greed.


Next up I am super happy to say the German translated version of Cult of the Hexad is also available to download or read in KU now!!

Der Kult des Hexad

Zeit. Wahrheit. Leben.

Es steckt Schwäche in allen Lügen, aber es ist die Stärke in ihnen, die dich nicht sollen trügen.

Kann unsere Auserwählte den Weg zurück aus der Verblendung und dem Chaos finden, das sie umgibt, oder soll dies von nun das Leben eines gefangenen Mädchens sein, gebrochen und für immer verloren?

Eine weltweite Suche könnte bevorstehen, aber was, wenn das Mädchen, nach dem sie suchen, nie gefunden werden sollte?

Das sind die Fragen, mit denen sich beide Seiten in einem Rennen gegen die Zeit, die Wahrheit und das Leben, das sie alle zu retten versuchen, auseinandersetzen müssen. Der Kampf gegen das Böse geht an den ungewöhnlichsten Orten weiter, und die Emotionen spielen in diesem nächsten Teil der Afterlife-Saga verrückt. Wirst du mit unseren Charakteren den Sprung wagen und tiefer in die Welt von Afterlife eintauchen, als du es dir jemals hättest erträumen können?

I want to also take this time to thank you all for your continued support this year and wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2024.

Happy reading

Stephanie x

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sarah Monahan
sarah Monahan
Mar 04

When is next one in the siren series coming out? Dieing to read it. Has date been set?


terri plumtree
terri plumtree
Feb 06

When is Evelyn's enforcer due to come out


Kristy Bowen
Kristy Bowen
Jan 29

Will there be an “Evelyn (Evie) Enforcer” after “Greed’s Lost Siren”? If so, when?


Robbie Knott
Robbie Knott
Jan 15

I was wondering if the Transfusion series will be completed on the audio version? Would love to know how their story ends. Absolutely love all of your books, but must admit that not knowing what happens for these two is killing me.

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