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Hello all..

I just wanted to say that following on from previous video's, messages and posts on our Facebook Groups and page, the Afterlife And Transfusion Series paperbacks are now all on sale on our website.

As we have previously mentioned, the new Afterlife paperbacks feature the updated covers that have been on the ebooks for a while.

There are a number of options for you to choose from... individual or full set... or .. signed /unsigned.

Please remember we are not Amazon Prime, we will build up to have some books in stock but not unlimited supplies due to limited storage space, so please allow us time to get the books to you.

The individual books will all also be on Amazon as soon as their systems update.

As for the signed books, they will be on sale only until the 14th February at which time a bulk order will be shipped to Spain for signing then back to the UK base to be shipped out to individual addresses.

Happy reading xx

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