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Updated Reading List Order

We get asked a lot about the best order to read the books.

Hopefully this will help you al!!

Please note, once you have finished reading the main saga there isn't really a right or wrong way/order to read the spin off books, some will be a saga in their own right, some will be standalones, some a couple of books!! The timelines of each story will be different and not necessarily follow in the order they are released.

A couple of pointers -

A lot of new readers have started with the Transfusion series and that is fine. That is how you found us. For anyone wanting to start the Afterlife world books from scratch starting with the Afterlife series would make more sense. It is where it all began and will make some aspects of the other storylines clearer. But, as we all know, the more answers Steph gives us she gives us twice as many more!!!!

Whichever way you choose to read these books, ENJOY!!!

Happy reading xxxx

💜The Afterlife Academy starts approx 15/16 years after the end of Happy Ever Afterlife!! (aimed at a younger audience but definitely worth a read for everyone, especially if you want to know what happens to the the 2 baby souls!!!). Some of the new characters in these books will pop up in the other Afterlife Kings books and in the Transfusion Series so you may want to meet them for the start of their journeys!!

💜 Vincent's story will be at least one more book!! Research trips have had to be cancelled which has delayed this but Steph is hopefully going to get this book released early 2021.

💜 Lucius' story is a 14 book book series in its own right. It takes place after a lot of the other stories to be told but these books are being released now as no-one wanted to wait to know our Vampire Kings story. And Steph did not want to wait to write it. The final 2 books will be released in 2022!!!

Jared's story starts with the HellBeast King. There are currently 3 books available in this series with more to come in 2022 and the series should be completed win 2023.

The Shadow Imp series starts to tell us the story of how Adam and Pip got together. Two books have been released so far and these do not end on a cliffhanger so can be read without that dreaded... what's next!!!

💜The Forbidden Chapters -.part 1 covers afterlife saga books 1-3. Can be read straight after them or maybe best after the saga. No right or wrong time to read it. Steph has also said she may look at releasing part 2!!

**Stephanie has also started a new set of stories. Lost Sirens Series starts with Ward's Siren which will be released April/May 2022. This series will cover 12 sirens each siren and their enforcer's story being told in duets. They can be read alone and each sirens story will e finished over 2 books. You Amy also come across some familiar characters but it can be read completely separately to the Afterlife Saga!!**

We have announced there are so many more books to write belonging to this amazing Afterlife World. We have many more years of books to come!!


Afterlife Book 1

The Two Kings

Triple Goddess


Pentagram Child Part 1

Pentagram Child Part 2

Cult of the Hexad

Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 1

Sacrifice of the Septimus Part 2

Blood of the Infinity War

Happy Ever Afterlife Part 1

Happy Ever Afterlife Part 2

The Forbidden Chapters - Books 1-3

The Kings of Afterlife

Vincent's Immortal Curse Book 1 (Book 2 coming 2021 TBC as delayed due to unable to conduct research in London)

Dravens Afterlife - King of Kings Book 1

Dravens Electus - King of Kings Book 2

Academy Series

The Glass Dagger - Afterlife Academy Book 1

The Hells Ring - Afterlife Academy Book 2

The Reapers Book

Transfusion Series

Transfusion Book 1

Transfusion Book 2 - Venom of God

Transfusion Book 3 - Blood of Kings

Transfusion Book 4 - Rise of Ashes

Transfusion Book 5 - Map of Sorrows

Transfusion Book 6 - Tree of Souls

Transfusion Book 7 - Kingdoms of Hell

Transfusion Book 8 - Eyes of Crimson

Transfusion Book 9 - Roots of Rage

Transfusion Book 10 - Heart of Darkness

Transfusion Bk 11 - Wraith of Fire

Transfusion Book 12 - Queen of Sins

Transfusion 13 and 14 coming in 2022.

HellBeast King Series

HellBeast King

HellBeast Fight

HellBeast Mistake

Book 4 coming 2022

Shadow Imp Series

Imp and the Beast

Beast and the Imp

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