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Where The Journey Begins...


Part Of The Afterlife Saga
Book 1

Keira is new in town and running from her past. A past that haunts her dreams, that is until a new nightmare takes over them…a tall, dark and sexy one. Her New Boss,
Dominic Draven.
Question is, what is the infamous Gothic Nightclub doing in the small town of Evergreen Falls and more importantly, what has its powerful owner got planned for her? Because not everything is as it seems and working the VIP section under his watchful eye is only the beginning. That’s because Keira isn’t the only one keeping secrets and Afterlife isn’t just a nightclub at all… It’s a place for a Supernatural King to rule. And this King has sights set firmly on Keira. The one he has been searching for throughout the ages of time. His Chosen One…
His Fated Queen.



Part Of Transfusion Saga
Book 1

He Broke My Heart… That cold, cruel Vampire King.
But then, I am just your typical, ordinary, everyday human girl who works and lives in London. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks. I fled the supernatural world and the safety of my family who rule it, because being the only human born from them definitely had its drawbacks.
Something the Vampire King knew all about.
He humiliated me and destroyed my naive little heart, meaning I had no choice but to leave and make a new life for myself.
I turned my back on it all but most importantly, I turned my back on him...

The HellBeast King

Part Of The HellBeast King Series Book 1

It all started with that night.
The night I made my biggest mistake.
The night I entered their world.
The day I snuck into the infamous Devil’s Ring Fight Club. I had followed my cousin Amelia, who turned out not to be quite as innocent as I first believed. In fact, it turned out she didn’t live in the same world as I did… Not at all.
I knew this the moment I entered his kingdom. My world changed the moment he found me. He gave me a warning that night. He told me if he ever found me again then next time, he wouldn’t be so quick in letting me escape him. His little Red Riding Hood. It was a threat I took seriously as it was only my dreams that took me back to that place. That took me back to him...

The HellBeast King Book 1.png
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Ward's Siren

Part Of Lost Siren Series
Book 1

I was just a data analyst. I paid my taxes on time.
I used to feed a cat that wasn’t my own and bake cookies for the office. I was a good girl.
Then how was it my reward was to find myself penniless, broken down and stuck on the side of the road with everything I owned piled in the back, and all because I was being chased by the Mob? But then again, I must have had some luck left or he wouldn’t have stopped.
My mystery hero. A man so handsome, he stole my breath and claimed it as his own, like the spoils of war. He asked me to get into his car, made me feel like he would take care of everything. ...

The Glass Dagger

Part Of Afterlife Academy Book 1

From the realms of the Afterlife Saga comes a new spin on this gothic world…When a bunch of misfit orphans all find themselves on a bus heading towards a new life, one called Afterlife, it wasn’t quite what they had in mind. But even fate can play games and five teens will soon find themselves asking even more questions than ever before. Questions about an uncertain future in this new world and the very first one on the top of that long list…What does the King of Heaven and Hell have in store for them? This is a continuation of the Afterlife Saga, suitable for young adults but a must read for all Afterlife fans!

iatb 1.png

Imp & The Beast

Part Of Shadow Imp Series
Book 1

Just do your time, they said.
It will be easy, they said.
What's a hundred years, sentenced to a prison in Hell?
Well, I can tell you, for an Imp like me, it was a pretty long time.
Because like most Imps, we were a mischievous sort and that tended to annoy people, say people like the prison guards. Which meant that my time in Hell had just gotten a lot more complicated. Because I was about to receive the type of punishment no living soul had ever come back from. Not a single one had ever survived.
I was about to become a snack for the most dangerous Beast in all of Hell. The only one that gave even the Devil nightmares.
Only I would soon find…
He didn’t intend to eat me at all.
No, instead he decided…

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