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Hi everyone

I am very excited to let you all know that we are getting close to getting the first book of the Afterliife Chronicles ready for release. The Glass Dagger will be out in November 2017.

The utterly wonderful Caroline Fairbairn who is my partner in crime on these books has allowed me to share a new illustration with you all. So as before, I am going to share an excerpt from the book to match/

We really hope you like them 😀😀 xx


So, with all these doubts playing on Theo’s mind he was surprised to find the sound of an alarm waking him up from a deep, dreamless sleep. He rolled over groaning and looked down over the bed frame, trying to locate where in the room that annoying noise was coming from. He grabbed hold of one of the bars and let his body roll off the bed, swinging as he went before dropping to his bare feet. He followed the sound and had to laugh when he found six sticks of dynamite and a timer flashing, telling him it was seven in the morning. He pressed the red button but this just started a countdown of ten seconds. He raised an eyebrow wondering what happened next but considering he didn’t have to wait long, he just folded his arms and leant back on his cool desk. He was just looking down at the legs that were made from extended guitar necks when his ten seconds were up and there was no way for him to miss it. The alarm that had been blaring before was nothing compared to the ear-piercing sound that was screaming out now. It sounded like a banshee was giving birth to a Tasmanian devil! Theo grabbed the fake explosives and started pressing buttons but nothing worked. He dropped it back on the desk and covered his ears as he couldn’t take it any longer. The next thing he knew his door was flung open and in skipped a happy looking Pip wearing a World War 2 military helmet, one that had an angry cartoon face with buck teeth painted on the front and pink glitter stars all around the sides. There was also a sticker on the back that said, ‘I fought in Hell and Won, Boo Yeah, She Dogs!’

In other circumstances Theo would have asked about it but considering his ears felt like they were close to melting off, he decided it could wait…Oh and not forgetting the steampunk goggles she had resting on the rim, although Theo wasn’t sure that metallic pink was very steampunk, with or without the cogs and rusty nails she had glued to the sides. Pip was also wearing a black T shirt with bold pink writing that said, ‘Do I feel lucky, Well, do you, PUNK?’ She turned to face the alarm clock and picked it up but Theo wasn’t looking at what she was doing because he was too busy reading the back of her T shirt. It had a picture of a fat Unicorn on it with writing underneath that read, ‘Hell, yeah I feel lucky, Cause I’m a four-leaf clover Pooping Unicorn!”

Theo grinned and shook his head thinking she was certainly quirky. And with her ripped tie-dye rainbow leggings and big heavy biker boots that were covered in flames, spikes and skull toe caps, then maybe quirky wasn’t a strong enough word for it. “Dude, it’s always the red wire,” she said showing him by waving it in front of his face and saying with a chuckle, “You little pickle you.” Then she straightened her helmet as it was slightly too big for her and breezed out of the room just as she had entered it. Theo exhaled a whoosh of air he didn’t know he had been holding onto, in the way one would do when faced with someone who was as far from the ‘normal’ spectrum as you could get like Pip was. It wasn’t just the way she dressed either, but more like someone who was clouded by a demonic aura only also happily trapped inside a glittery rainbow for all eternity. She reminded Theo of someone who had a split personality and one was a goth and the other someone who Theo would have expected to see dressed up as My Little Pony at some cartoon convention. “Hey doll face, you coming?” she said after popping her head back around the corner and fanning her fake pink eyelashes that also had silver stars glued to the ends, after granting him a girly wink. “Yeah, just let me put on some pants though,” Theo said looking down as he was still just wearing his boxer briefs and feeling more uncomfortable by the minute. “Groove’itude on the plan! Now you go and hide those budgie smugglers and I will see you in two shakes of a monkey butt,” she said winking again and then grabbing herself from behind the door to make it look as if someone else was pulling her out of sight. Meanwhile Theo was still stuck on the whole ‘budgie smugglers’ bit and couldn’t help but do the guy thing and readjust himself out of habit.

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