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Kingdoms of Hell

Hello my lovelies! First I hope everyone is staying safe and making it through the lockdown.

So this post comes to you with a bit of good news (the new front cover reveal) and a bit of bad news 😫 But i believe you guys deserve honesty and no bull as I respect you all too much to give you anything less than the truth.

Kingdoms of Hell, I don't feel is ready for release. I need a few more days to be completely happy with my own edits so have decided to open it up to being pre-ordered on the 21st so that the release will be instantly available on the 28th of May.

I hate not meeting my own chosen deadlines, but refuse to put out any work I am not happy with. My research for this book has taken me a lot longer than I anticipated it would (which you will all totally understand when you've read it, as it is insane, even by my standard lol) but it is what makes the heart of a great story and Lucius is most definitely worth all the extra effort as I am sure you will all agree 😁😉 but for those that are really disappointed that it will be delayed a week I am so very sorry. I hate letting you amazing lot down and I work hard to avoid it. I also knew that when taking on the challenge of writing and publishing a book a month that there would most likely be times it could get delayed, but i really do hate making you guys wait for books!

That being said, I really think you guys will love this next book and here's the new cover for you to enjoy and ask yourself, just who is the new character on the front????

Loads of love guys And as always, thanks for all your understanding! You guys rock! Xx😘💜❤

always, thanks for all your understanding! You guys rock! Xx😘💜❤

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