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I am so happy to share with you all the new rebranding of what once was the Afterlife Chronicles, as it has now been changed into the…

Afterlife Academy Series.

For those that love all things Afterlife and Transfusion and want to know what happens after the end of the book 12 in the first saga, then my advice is to dive right in!

This series is filled with all your favourite characters (Even more Pip humour) and a bag of mixed teens who really don’t know what they have gotten themselves into by entering through the doors of Club Afterlife!

So, I welcome you back into the world of Afterlife and can’t wait for you to experience it unlike you ever have before thanks to this series being filled with stunning and genius illustrations by the very talented Caroline Fairbairn

The first two books are available to buy with the third released for pre-order, it will be out on the 1st December 2020!

I hope you enjoy and for those that loved them, I hope you are excited about the next in the series!

Love you all xx

Links to buy below…

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