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Eden's Enforcer Update

Most of you may have already seen but this morning we have unfortunately put back the release date of Lost Sirens book 2.

Stephanie is currently in bed with another really nasty bout of covid and despite trying to finish a rework of the end and the final edits to ensure she is happy with the end to Ward and Eden’s story she just can’t do it to meet the final upload deadline for a release on the 18th. She has to be happy with the version released!!

We have only moved it back a few days to give her some breathing space and hopefully if she does as she is told and spends at least 1 day completely resting and not trying to work she may start to feel more human than she does right now!! She really has tried to push through but I am sure you will all appreciate that she really is unwell and the decision hasn’t been taken lightly.

You will now get both Eden’s Endorcer and Wrath’s Siren on the 22nd May!! Not too long to wait for what are amazing books.

Thanks for the understanding

The Hudson Indie Ink team x

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