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Have you met Ward Yet?

I am super excited to share with you all that there are 4 new books being released this month.

The new Lost Siren series will eventually cover 11 sirens meeting the Enforcer they are destined for. Each couples story will contain two books and their story will be complete in the two books. No big cliffhangers!! Also the set of two books will be released very close together again no big wait for each conclusion.

Ward and Eden's story comes first with Ward's Siren released today on Amazon and KU.

you can then complete their story in Eden's Enforcer on the 18th May

Next comes Wrath and Emme's story. Wrath's Siren will be available on the 22nd May

with the inclusion following shortly after in Emme's Enforcer on the 26th May!!

Happy reading

Stephanie xx

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