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Unleash the Power of 'Evelyn's Enforcer' – Download Now!

What do you do when running is no longer an option?

When the man hunting you not only found you…

But now wanted to make you his prisoner?

And worse yet, why did that new title make me squirm and want to give myself to him?

My Demon captor.

Ryker’s world was so much more complicated than I ever imagined, and discovering my place in it, even more so.

A place by his side was exactly where he wanted me,

Like the treasures he horded, I was his new prize.

But what was to be the price for falling in love with a Demon named Greed…?

I was about to find out.

For he was my Enforcer and, together,

Not even murder could tear us apart.

But what about Hell?

Please click on the link below to download my brand new release 'Evelyn's Enforcer' today:-

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